It’s time to get very real

There you are, unpacking boxes. You are setting up your display. Driving stakes into hard ground and watching the local weather reports. You are pre-occupied with “tasks”.

The next time you are getting ready for a day of sharing your art work, at an outdoor art show , in your own studio, (or perhaps with phone in hand returning a call from a prospect!) I want you to stop, take a breath, and ask yourself:


Whatever your answer is, I want you to ask why again and then again.


Here’s what happens when I asked myself why I write these blog posts:

Why am I creating these E’s of Selling Art articles and putting my ideas (and feelings) out on display?

Because I want to share my years of selling knowledge and the principles of the “E’s of Selling Art” with the artist community,

Why do I want to share my knowledge?

Because I know the “E’s” system works and it can help artists sell more art.

Why do I want to help artists sell more art?

Because art ownership is capable of profoundly affecting the soul of every person it touches for their entire life and I want that experience for as many people as possible. I want it for artists and for collectors.

There you have it! With tears in my eyes, I say to you: ask yourself why.

Then ask why again and again. Dig DEEP.

Your authentic self and core desires (or fears!) will be revealed. I promise you: this really works.

Understand the reasons for your art. Understand the reasons for sharing your art. Understand the core love you have for your collectors. There is no downside.

Don’t start “selling” at your next art show without being totally immersed in your authentic and artistic self.

Even a day without a single sale will be a day of filled with love, grace, and mutual respect when your authentic self and core purpose is present and accountable to every person you encounter.

It’s the Power of WHY: Find YOUR answers and consider writing them down and reviewing them throughout the day. Add them to your review of the flashcard set and departure list in the guidebook.

Bonus: The Power of Why is that you can ask why anytime about anything. Click To Tweet

Why am I not selling well? Why am I working with this medium? Why can’t I finish this piece? Why didn’t I ask for that sale? Why do I still think I need to leave my business cards out? (Did you miss that article?) Why am I avoiding my studio? Why am I avoiding my email marketing? Why am I charging so little for my work? Why haven’t I bought Mckenna’s “E’s of Selling Art System”? (Ha! Just had to throw that in! Use Code BLOG. Get 15% off and start 2017 with a whole new attitude about finding homes for you art.)

Please share

Please use the comments to share the “whys” that YOU think might matter in our artist community. OR, if you are feeling very generous, let us know your whys and share your answers! And share this with your art community.

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