You are not the center of the universe and your about page is not about you.
You are not the “Center of the Universe”.
Your “About Page” is not about you.
Read that again. Got it? No?
Keep reading!

It’s a miracle. They’re on your website and want to know all about you! (Yay You!) What you share on your About Page can make or break their desire to do business with you.

Recently, I have been reading a lot of About Pages. I’ve been in the market for a person to do some work for me. I am looking for a specific, but temporary, skilled person. If I have a good experience, I will use them again. Even more important, I will refer others who might need the same service.

If you have any doubt, let me be very clear: A bad About Page is a buzz kill or deal breaker or both. I have been cringing off and on all week.

We all want a good outcome when we invest our money in any product or service. We also need some details and a little reassurance. Therefore, the About Page is vital. There are many ways a website can fail the visitor, but the About Page needs special attention. It can even overcome an otherwise poorly designed website.

There are some simple things that can be done to improve an About Page.

First of all: First impressions can be the last impression – forever.

There is only one question you need to answer for every person that lands on your site.

What’s in it for me?


When I start to read the About Page (or Bio or Artist Statement) and it rambles on about kids or grand-kids, pets or dreams of the past or future, or hobbies, I want to yell at the screen. It’s like a car alarm after a few minutes – just make it Stop!

Whatever you are selling you need to sell me now. Even if you are a nationally recognized brand, your “branding” still starts now.

Be it clothes, art, web design, printing services, a restaurant or food truck, a local charity or whatever – you need to sell me on the About Page. It is the only logical place to share your qualifications and provide assurances. It’s where you create a sense of value for your service, product, or organization and explain why you are the best choice.

Don’t get trapped: they don’t want to know about YOU. They want to know what you can do for THEM.  The best way to sell to a total stranger is to answer (at least) these questions:

  1. Do you have any awards, degrees, affiliations, or other accolades? You want them to think, “Wow, this person/business is qualified!”
  2. Do you have a special approach, something your competitors are not willing to do, or something you do that no one else can do?
  3.  What is it about your service or product that is special?
  4. Are you the Oldest, Newest, Local (small and trusted), Global (large and trusted) in your industry or niche? What makes you the better choice against your competitors?
  5. Why would they want to work with you? Are you passionate about service? Do you pride yourself on details that matter? What’s your reputation?
  6. How long have you been in business? NOTE: If you just started, you might leave this out of your statements for now.
  7. Can you provide referrals from real people who really love what you have provided for them? Even ONE is helpful.
  8. Do you have reviews on Yelp or similar review sites? Make that known! Share your ratings.
  9. Do you have a portfolio or gallery section that you can link to that shows your workmanship or case studies?
  10. Do you have links to your shipping/returns/privacy or other relevant policies to help them feel secure about your business?
  11. What can you say that will make them pick up the phone or click on the “Buy Now” button?

What it boils down to is credibility and a few easy steps:

  1. Start by writing with total abandon.
  2. Put in as much detail as possible with every question you tackle from the list.
  3. Take your answers and begin to narrow the focus.
  4. Take the best “wow parts” and weave them into 3 to 5 paragraphs with just a few sentences in each paragraph.
  5. Tie it all together. Fill in this blank and weave the answer(s) into your statement in a few different ways. People benefit from doing business with me because _____.

Bottom line: You need to persuade a potentially perfect stranger that they should hire or buy from you. And you need to do it in a concise manner. Yes, it will feel like you are bragging. Get over it. They need to know exactly how GREAT you are. You cannot be run-of-the-mill. No one hires the so-so business. Toot that horn! Stand out among your peers! This may be your only opportunity to convert their interest into a sale.

This is not as hard as it looks.

It will take some dedication and brainstorming and several drafts. Send drafts to a few trusted friends who know your business. Or you can email me if you want me to review your current About Page for free. Or, hire me if you want me to just re-do it!  This is the one place on your website that needs to be clear, smart, inviting, and “dazzle” those prospects. You cannot afford to ignore this critically important page!

Got ideas? Share them. What have you found that is important to your clients in your industry? Put your best advice or questions in the comments.

PS: The About Page is the number one best place to add a sign-up for your email list. They may not be ready to buy, but fully love what they have learned about you or what you are offering. Don’t let them leave without having a way to stay in touch!

Mckenna has been in marketing for over 50 years as a word nerd and small business owner. She had her first business at the age of 7 with two employees and by fourth grade she was the official “love” letter ghost writer for students in her school. Copy writing that “closes sales” is an obsession.
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