This is continuing the series about what to do when they utter “The Six Dreaded Words”. In the last article, I attempted to boost your sense of confidence and duty to find more homes for your art in the article title, “Do you know why they should buy your art?”

Part three: it’s all about how you react

It’s been a long drawn out process. Fifteen minutes turned into thirty and then an hour seemed to fly by. And they turn to you and say, “I need to think about it.”'s The Six Dreaded Words. It's time for the mantra: BE AGREEABLE Click To Tweet

If you paid close attention to part two in this series, then you know that there is no reason on earth for them to not own your art and own it sooner (like now) rather then later – which could be never. And you know I never advocate that you start applying pressure. No…no, no! That is never a useful strategy!

What I advocate at this exact moment in time is that you  …s l o w … e v e r y t h i n g… d o w n.  And be agreeable.

It is time to remain calm. Keep a firm grip on your emotions and recap in your mind the Five E’s. Pay close attention to Empathy and Emergency. And then show them you agree  Find the words that are authentic for you, but keep it short. Don’t mumble and don’t be anxious. Be yourself and be real with them. And keep a smile on your face for goodness sakes. I have seen artists nearly collapse. Chin falls, shoulders roll forward, eyes are averted and actually look pouty. Don’t look disappointed.

You need to be agreeable and it should feel something like this:

“Of course. I totally agree that you need to think about it. And I encourage that. I want you to be completely happy about your decision.”

You will actually feel their sigh of relief.

You will have created a deeper bond of trust at that moment than at any moment up to that point.

Understand this: They really struggled to say those words. They don’t want to hurt your feelings. They don’t want to make you uncomfortable, and yet, they really have hit a wall and need to think about it. Empathizing, openly showing you understand what they are experiencing, is a true act of selflessness. You are saying, I want what is best for you ahead of my having a sale.

And now the real work begins.

This is not at all the last stage nor the last part of this series!

In the next in this series, I will walk you through the most crucial activity – the to-do list – to follow after your above statement of agreement. There is a lot going on at this particular junction. Paying attention to this next part of the departure list is paramount.

But, as you know, I only publish this blog every two weeks. So I have a homework assignment. Before those two weeks pass, I would encourage you to revisit another article written in August of last year called, “Think about what they are thinking about.”

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