Special Attention Required!

On the heels of the last podcast, there were some deep conversations and a great comment that added even more dimension to the whole discussion of creating better first contact engagement. And it was obvious that I was concentrating on a single visitor which leads me to today’s podcast.

When two people, who are in some way sharing their lives and/or their living spaces, approach you and your work, the rules of engagement are much more complicated. Even if one of them is just a good friend, there can be some complex dynamics that run through your time together.

I tell two tales in this podcast. One about love found and one about love lost. I think you will enjoy them both.

Sharing Required!

Comments… oh, you know I want your comments this time. This is such a twisted and explosive subject. I think you have some experiences to share this week.

Enjoy! And listen for a special invitation at the end of the podcast. (and I practically beg for you all to go to iTunes and give me a high-five, please!)


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