This weekly podcast is full of quick takeaways! At about 12 minutes each, they are based on the principles of the “E’s of Selling Guidebook”. They will deeply impact anyone who sells their art directly to the public at art fairs, open studios, and even online.

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The Three Words #04

It's about a circle that can never be broken. It's about a passage from a book written in 1972. It's about PURE and true connections between you, your art, and those who view your art. And, although it's a bit esoteric, it might be the concept that wraps...

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The Two Words #03

Welcome to Episode #3 - it's a doozy!We all hate these two words. We hate to hear them and we hate to say them. So what should you do when someone says them to you? Whenever I hear these words when I am at a show, it brings a slight twinge. But, over the...

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The Path Begins #02

The Path Begins with finally getting to the trailhead. It’s been a long and crazy journey to get to this point in podcasting, but the trail is clear and it leads artists forward to Find Loving Homes for Your Art!

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