This weekly podcast is full of quick takeaways! At about 12 minutes each, they are based on the principles of the “E’s of Selling Guidebook”. They will deeply impact anyone who sells their art directly to the public at art fairs, open studios, and even online.

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Hide Your Business Cards EP 14

This is fourteen minutes of listening that might just bring you more sales instantly at your art shows. I know it seems counter-intuitive, but you need to hear me out on this! This is a game changer.

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It Never Hurts to Ask EP 13

This is likely one of the more important principles that any artist who is in the public and sharing their art will need to know. In this podcast, I take you through some significant emotions. Not as wild as the last episode! But for best results, you might want to listen to 12 again before you listen to this one.

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A Conversation with Rebecca Vincent

This episode is chock-o-block full of good solid ideas for success. We ended up chatting about many important art business best practices, but Rebecca saved the best for last. You will have a lot to consider when this episode concludes!

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What is Affordable Art? EP 12

I know the goal of a podcast is to listen while you work, walk, or whatever. This podcast will probably stop you in your tracks. Be prepared to even get quite worked up about this one. In a good way.

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Don’t Keep Them Guessing EP 11

You might be losing sales before you even have a chance to greet visitors of your art. While there can be controversy around this practice, I hope you will keep an open mind and heart and hear me out!

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The Six Words EP 10

Inspired by the last podcast, I dig deep into a micro-moment when your actions are critically important. It's a test that is hard to pass.We all hear these words from time to time when presenting our art to the public, but it's never easy to handle the...

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An Attitude Adjustment EP 09

This is such an important concept that it should be required listening at the start of every art show. It's based on the "shoe store" selling model.What's that you ask? It's all about listening with a specific frame of mind.The reference to my...

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The Subtle Signs of Success EP 08

In this episode, I discuss the importance - on many levels - of having a few signs in your display. With the level of distraction in today's world, this is something that is increasingly necessary to help "ground" viewers of your work, your medium, and...

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Whose Turn Is It? EP 07

The number one thing that can hurt your sales is assuming it's your turn to talk. As you will hear in this episode, there are some really important moments during your conversation with potential collectors. Sometimes you talk. Sometimes they talk. The...

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