This weekly podcast is full of quick takeaways! At about 12 minutes each, they are based on the principles of the “E’s of Selling Guidebook”. They will deeply impact anyone who sells their art directly to the public at art fairs, open studios, and even online.

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33 Ways to Ask for the Sale EP 22

I have been wanting to do this for such a long time, but after several attempts, it never “felt” like I was getting it right. And then… well, just listen and you will see that I did some “extra” fancy things to make this into a very useful podcast.

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Congratulations Are AN Order! EP 21

This is a long overdue subject. If you listened to the last episode, you really only got part of the story. The really important part is what to do with the new level of listening you have acquired. And so I have finally tackled the tough subject: closing a sale.

And as always, it’s with love, grace, and authenticity. This episode will knit several episodes into harmony. It’s eight minutes that will change everything.

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But What Are They REALLY Saying? EP 20

I am diving deep for deeper meanings. People say some things without real thought or agendas. But in this episode, we are going to discover that there are times when you need to put some statements, questions, or comments under a microscope. It’s how you find more loving homes for your art more naturally and authentically.

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Right Back Atcha! EP 19

It’s all about three chemicals that live in each of us and that can change our mood and attitude in a split second. I am going to make you high and give you the tools to make other’s high, too!

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Do You Need a Value Proposition? EP 18

What they don’t know will hurt you. It’s invaluable to make sure you understand all the value you have to offer your potential collectors. If you are not communicating every single bit of the value of ownership, you might be losing sales that you didn’t know you’re missing.

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Purposeful Sharing EP 16

People need to hear your story, but not for the reasons you might be assuming. In this episode, we will explore the story behind the story and what you need to do to Find Loving Homes for Your Art.

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Four Dirty Little Words EP 15

This podcast might bring you closer to success in many different areas of your life. The less you use these words, the more others will trust you and engage with you. They have the same impact on everyone. Yep…even YOU!

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Hide Your Business Cards EP 14

This is fourteen minutes of listening that might just bring you more sales instantly at your art shows. I know it seems counter-intuitive, but you need to hear me out on this! This is a game changer.

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