Happy New Year? (New Resolutions?) (New Solutions?) (New Ideas?)

It’s THAT time of year again. Procrastination gets an extra shot of energy – ironically.

The last marketing post was discussing how we can let fear get in the way of moving forward. Fear of failure has real staying power. Truly, we all want to succeed, so not failing is a natural “strategy’ for our success. Ha! What a vicious cycle!

But this time of year, the cycle has even bigger wheels. In the past few days, I have reached out to many of my clients. The conversation goes something like this:

“Hey, what’s up with your (email/website/blog/shopping cart creation/landing page/brochure) “project”? I sent your to-do list last week and I don’t see anything going on. Did you get my list?”

“Oh… yeah… I did. But with the holidays right around the corner, I don’t have time. I will start back on the “project” after the holidays.”

I am officially on a rampage.

(So…get ready for a rant!)

It’s like this every year. For many of us, as the calendar get’s closer to the New Year, we decide to put all our hopes, dreams, projects, and to-do lists on hold. “Hey! There’s a NEW Year comin’! It’s gonna change everything!”

I may or may not be psychic, but this is very predictable. When this post is published, I will likely have some of my lowest readership stats so far this year. And my email Open Rate will drop along with my Click-through Rate. I will likely get fewer inquiries and even fewer appointments for coaching in the days ahead. And this decline will continue until just a few days before the NEW year. Then the floodgates will fly open a few days after January 1, 2017.

Not everyone reading this succumbs to this inertia, but plenty have and more will join in the coming days. Why have so many of us bought into this pattern of behavior?

It’s time to break with this “tradition”. I want you to sit up straight and pay attention:

The few days here and there that involve gathering with friends and family for a special festive meal or various religious traditions is not an excuse for stopping your momentum. And yes, I will allow you to do a little shopping for gifts if that’s part of your ritual. However, it’s time to re-think this concept of being too busy to grow your business until the New Year.

You need to continue to grow your business every day. Your marketing and other business growth projects must push through this irrational and magical power of the New Year Hope Plan. If anything, this time of year is when you should be doubling down on your messaging to overcome the extra lethargy and extra noise levels that pervade the marketplace.

So I want to eliminate this traditional two-month holding pattern. Are you with me?

What if we celebrate “Happy New Month” instead?

Why not start your own tradition of celebrating every first day of each month as a New Beginning? Go ahead – create some November Resolutions! It’s basically like the start of a new month today, right?

Or Happy New Day? Hey… what if we celebrate every first hour of our day? What if we took ourselves very seriously every day and every hour.

What if believed we could make New Resolutions for Success whenever we wanted?

What if we saw every “project” as a path to more income and more financial security? What if we believed that every new idea, thought, every dream or inspiration was cause for a celebration? Why would you wait to celebrate success?

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Grab a paper and pencil and copy this list:

  1. I want more sales
  2. I will do something every day to move me towards making more sales
  3. I will celebrate every time I do anything that moves me towards making more sales
  4. I can do this.

Okay. If you have read this post to this point, then you have done something to move your business towards making more sales. SO you need to Celebrate!

Do a little dance! Go ahead…I won’t make fun of you.

And then, when the dancing is over, share in the comments. Tell us: what you have done recently that moved your business towards making more sales? And, more importantly: what are you going to do next?

And then, celebrate the fact that you shared in the comment section. (It’s so Brave and so Smart to let others see your website!)

Lastly, share this with your social media community, too. Let’s rock and roll for the rest of this year and ignore the temptation to wait until “the holidays are over. Let’s start a new tradition! You in?

BUT first… an important message about “My Golden Words Academy”

I have been hinting about my online courses for a while.

Finally, I have something exciting to share.

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