What’s LUCK got to do with it?

(Special Note: This post will seem to be for artists only. It is and it isn’t. If you are not an artist you will still see some of my marketing brain at work in this post. Or you can just ignore this and wait for my regular Sales and Marketing Blog next week.)

It’s interesting that the very first post I am creating to announce the soon to be launched E’s of Selling Art Blog is on St. Patrick’s Day. As it turns out, while luck plays a part in our sales, when we are in a face-to-face conversation with a potential collector of our artistry, luck has very little influence on the actual buying decision. The buying decision is a process involving specific stages. Artists don’t always know how to be properly involved in the process.

Learning what the process is and what you can do to be involved in more positive ways is a big part of what my new, totally separate, and artist-centric blog posts will address:

  • How do you best serve the needs and stoke the fire of desires of someone who is head-over-heels in love with your creations?
  • What are the Four Dirty Little Words?
  • What is Active Listening and Purposeful Selling?
  • What are the three stages of a buyer’s journey?
  • Why should you remove your business cards from plain sight? (Sound familiar? I blogged about this once before on Artsy Shark)
  • What’s love (or luck) got to do with it?

These are just the tip of the iceberg of areas I will be blogging about. Because, just as there are hundreds of ways to lose a sale, there are hundreds of ways to facilitate a lifetime of ownership.

Notice that I avoided a four letter word: sell. Technically speaking I don’t teach people how to sell. I actually coach people to share and recommend. Using my system, it’s more along the lines of “selling” someone on seeing a movie you know they will love. We are perfect “salespeople” when we are recommending our favorite restaurant! That mind-set is automatic and natural and I help you find that same mind-set with your art.

It’s selfish, I know, but I love to see artists thrive.

I can think of no other purchase that is more important than that of fine art or fine crafts. I believe that each piece of art inspired by the creative souls among us deserves to find a good home. Therefore, as someone who has taught artists and art sales consultants how to sell art since the mid-80’s, it’s finally time to get a deeper and more consistent connection. Art and the artists who create are too special for me to keep lumping into my regular blog post.

Starting in two weeks I will officially launch a separate blog for artists only.


E's of Selling Art Blog helps artists sell more art.

Helping Artists Secure Loving Homes for Their Artful Creations.

Why am I taking the extra time and resources to create this separate blog?

After 25 years of selling my work and years of selling millions of dollars of fine art and collectables in upscale galleries in San Francisco and Maui before that, I just have the basics figured out. Fortunately, I have a knack for teaching, too. So, I have taught hundreds of artists and made real impact on their income levels. Therefore, when I see seriously talented artists struggling to make ends meet because they lack the fundamentals for selling their own art, it shatters my soul.

  • The Goal: I want to share the E’s of Selling Art System as far and wide as possible. I want to give artists ongoing motivational hints and tips with special emphasis on face-to-face selling environments. These environments could be open studios, art openings, art fairs and festivals, coops, guilds or other art/craft galleries, studio appointments, phone calls, or even while standing in line at the grocery store. I sold a piece of my jewelry standing in line for a movie just a few months ago. Selling can happen anywhere! The E’s of Selling Art System makes it so “E’asy” to do!
  • The Method: I will use a variety of formats, but this blog will be a central focus. I will eventually do videos, and I will likely do occasional webinars. There’s a long list of ways that I will reach out to you with helpful tips and hints and practical advice. I may even do an e-course at some point.
  • Your Role: Tune in every other week as I will roll out short intensive motivational missives. Keep a close eye on your emails for updates and news. Many of you will be contacted by me personally in the weeks ahead as I ask for your feed-back. I will likely ask you to take part in a short survey. YOU and your needs is why this blog and the E’s of Selling Art System might even send out a short survey at some point.
  • My Call to Action: I want you to tell me what you need. Over time, we will grow this relationship and I will continue to incorporate your needs into my plans. Email me with any ideas you have.
  • My long-term goal (hope!) is that you will share this widely: I have a Facebook page started (just barely started – please go and like it and share it!) and I will eventually add some other channels to grow my audience. But with you believing in me and what I am trying to do and sharing – Enthusiastically! – with all your artist friends, this will change a lot of lives. Both artists AND collectors will benefit in the long run.

Yes… this means more work for me.

I will now be blogging every week and alternating between my two audiences. But the needs of the art community is clearly one I feel compelled to address more specifically. Oh, and I have a book to sell, too. LOL! It’s advertised in the sidebar or just click here.

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