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Are you smiling enough?

This is really simple. This will be one of my shortest blogs EVER! And it’s one of my favorite topics: How to sell more by smiling more.

See, as it turns out, we all have this instinct to smile with very little provocation. If you see just about anything pleasant happening around you, you will likely smile. We like to smile. It feels good. How else can we explain watching endless videos of puppies?

And smiling is contagious. It’s hard not to smile back at someone who is beaming their pearly whites in your direction. And the twinkle in their eye is like a laser beam of love! We get the vibe and it feels good. But that’s only the beginning!

Dopamine, Endorphins, and Serotonin… oh my!

It actually does “feel” good. The group of muscles in our cheeks that activate when we smile actually stimulate several parts of the brain! There is a natural “high” that results from smiling. Smiling releases a series of neuropeptides that fight off stress. It relaxes the body. Your blood pressure lowers and so does your heart rate. Need a mood boost? Smile! Having a tough day? Smile!

I am serious: SMILE. That is a direct order. Stop reading this and smile. Practice this “exercise” all day long with every person you meet and your day will have made many people happier, calmer, more attracted to you. Yep – it’s been tested!

And when you are ready to point out (sell) all the good things (benefits) of whatever you are hoping they will buy, (product, service or non-profit) ALWAYS do it with a smile! Even if you are on the phone, do it with a smile.

Take a good look in the mirror!

Believe it or not, having a mirror nearby that you are smiling into while on the phone can actually help you send that smile through your voice. That’s right, studies show that many people can feel a smile in the tone of your voice; even a stranger. And even if it’s not totally experienced by the person on the other end of the conversation, YOU will be feeling relaxed, more at ease, and more confident and those chemicals in your brain will keep you and your message relaxed and friendly and more attractive.

Speaking of attractive: Do you want to attract more income?

Smiling is proven to make us appear more attractive. People like people who are smiling. And then (and I love this part) that contagious part kicks in and they start smiling back and the whole thing is a love fest! So if you want to make more sales, close more sales, inspire more people to do business with you now and into the future, the first rule is the easiest: just smile. The is the ultimate in Win/Win!

Seriously… do it right now! And let me know in your comments what kinds of changes you experience now and throughout the day! And whenever you think about me, and my smiling face, I hope it always brings a smile to your face!


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