It happened again. My phone rang and the person calling said, “I have been following your blog for years and I know you can help me. My website is driving me crazy.”

As it turns out, I was very able and ready to help this person. And because my blog created a historical “catalog” of my advice and knowledge, and showcased a personality that this person could relate to, we were a really good match. It was easy to work together. Frankly, I was the only person in the running for the role of advisor and copywriter. She felt she “knew” me before she even got on the phone.

This is why blogging – or “writing articles” as some are now naming the activity – is never out of season. I had her complete trust.

She, therefore, had a fearless desire to give me money in exchange for some badly needed website fixes. Whatever you have to offer to the public, it will be more highly valued and you will be more of a “real” person if you are blogging.

Blogging is not the only “marketing” you need to do, but it’s a part of the Golden Triangle of Success and should be a part of your online activities. It’s how you give life to your website, your product or service, and to yourself. Online is a one-dimensional flat screen. You need to create a third dimension.

But this is what makes blogging an even more powerful tool:

Blogging is a natural segue that lets you push content all over the internet! Click To Tweet

I love that my blog “forces” me to send out some calling cards to the internet. When I hit publish on this article, I will automatically send to various social media accounts. And, of course, it keeps me on a precise emailing schedule, too. I will send out my email to the people who are on the list for this or my other blog – The E’s of Selling Art Blog – as I rotate my posts each week.

It’s all a big flow of free and helpful information that I share every week and it’s a huge part of how I support my business. My Golden Words is supported by people who read my blogs and reach out for specific help.

I hear the groans

When I tell my clients they need to add a blog, at least a monthly blog, they usually start protesting and most often they say, “I am not a writer.”

You do not have to be a writer. You do not need to use fancy words or special language. In fact, you need to just write like you talk. When you share news about your business to a friend you use your voice and your normal vocabulary. Whatever you discuss with people in your normal conversations is fine. Use your voice and tone and personality – the more the better. It’s really all you need to bring to a blog.

You are fine. I promise.

But what would I write about?

Question Number Two is always the same. But once again, it’s not as hard as you think. Let’s look at various industries and see what you might write about:

A Travel Agency – air fares going up (or down), seats getting smaller (or by some miracle larger), best way to avoid extra weight charges, how to avoid check-in luggage altogether. And for maximum “baiting”, just use things like the “Top Five Ways to…..”

A Wellness Center or Spa – Drinking stuff that is green, what should you do before a massage, or what should you do after a massage, or what part of the body needs the most attention during pregnancy. And again, the Top Five etc.

A Restaurant – News from the Chef, Stories from Our Garden, What to do with squash blossoms, the perfect loaf of bread (pizza dough/short-bread cookies and so on forever!) This week’s musical entertainment.

I am just making stuff up as I go along here, but I think you get the picture. A once-a-month blog or even every-other-week blog is really not hard to come up with. FYI: Restaurants should consider creating a blog every week or at least sending emails every week. Out-of-site and out-of-mind happens much more frequently in that competitive marketplace.

For my artist community, it’s even easier. You can show a picture of a sunset and talk about your recent love affair with the color red – your collectors and fans will be thrilled. (They just want to hear what an artist’s thoughts are – we are fascinating to most of our collectors and a very pleasant respite from 9-5 world.)

And YOU learn stuff, too

When I start to consider my next blog post, my goal is to give you useful content, advice, and prescribe steps you can take to grow your business. To be sure I am doing the best I can, I often dig into subjects and learn a great deal myself. I want to be sure I am totally up to date before I discuss anything technological, for example.

You don’t need to be that focused. However, for me, learning new things so I can share them with you is a bonus. In addition, whatever “problems” my clients bring to me that need specialized training or insider abilities are obvious candidates for a post. If you have an area that is confusing you, like how to download a photo, there are probably others who need the same information. And, I rejoice in the thought that I can help my client and then deliver advice to my larger audience.

Consider what kinds of things are problems or of interest for your clients and customers? Create a list and you have several blog posts just waiting to be written!

Pay attention to your world around you. What is a typical “behind the scenes” experience. What subjects are generally fascinating in your industry? Go look at your competition and see what they are blogging about. Chances are, you can develop some great posts.

Ultimately, a blog post is your way of telling people that you care enough to share things that might be interesting, helpful, or entertaining. And it shows there is a human being behind your website. A very welcoming human being.

You CAN do this! I am always ready to help if you need a hand to hold.

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