Sales, and sales, and then a few more sales. That’s the goal of everyone who is in business. If you have a product, or service, or need donations for your non-profit, you need money to flow in your direction. That flow requires traffic on your website, into your storefront, and attending your fundraisers. You can’t survive without people hanging around and handing you money from time to time. But, how to you get them to hang around?

It starts with people finding you and then remembering you when they need a press release written, or need to schedule a lunch meeting with a client, or just want to treat themselves to a massage.

Being memorable is getting harder everyday. Emails make it simple to stay in touch. Having a website to send people to when they open your email is the next critical step. And having a shopping cart or donation button is imperative. No one is going to email you or call you to ask how, what, when, where, and what you have for sale. We are all too busy.

To help you remember the importance of balancing your marketing efforts, I have created a miniature info-graphic. I call it the Golden Triangle. This Golden Triangle clearly shows the intertwining relationships needed to maintain purposeful marketing. It tells a complete story if you take a some time to study it. Spend five minutes with me now. It will help you grow sales.

Obviously, it starts with Email Marketing

Everything naturally flows (drips) from the professionally created emails you send at least every four weeks. (You are doing that, right? If you need convincing – click here!)

It’s simple: every four weeks a percentage of the people on your email list likely need what you offer. Being in the inbox at the right time is crucial to sales. Many a time, I have connected with my list and had someone call and say something like, “I was just thinking about redoing my brochure and your email reminded me that you helped me with the wording on my website.” triangle two

  1. Emails are your drip, drip, drip marketing strategy. By landing in the inbox, you are a part of the most commonly used tool today. 97% of consumer’s check emails daily. On average, most of us check our emails over 100 times every day. After all, that is where your notifications for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, et cetera, are all sent, right? (Think about THAT!)
  2. Emails prompt memory of you just by landing in the inbox! No need for your clients or customers to even open your email to be reminded of you. However, if you really want high impact on your sales, you want them to open your email, of course. When they open your email you have moved them closer to a sale. It’s all about the subject line! And then it’s all about the Call to Action or CTA!
  3. From the moment they open your email you have just seconds to drive them to your website or even directly to your shopping cart if that’s point of the message you are sending. Your CTA needs to be right up front; above the scroll line.
  4. You can set up a small detour and link them to some info/entertainment like a blog post or podcast. Maybe you have a created a short video? That’s great! But always have your eye on the goal; you can’t make a living until they land on your shopping cart, press the donation button, or call and make an appointment. At the end of the video, blog post, or podcast the CTA’s are the same: join my list, visit my site, check out my shopping cart. Even that video should have them motivated to get back to your site/cart; not wanting to watch another video.
  5. Social Media is here, too. If you are regularly posting to social media (and know what to post and when), they might get an email notification, but don’t count on that – ever! Facebook is now barely reaching 5% of your followers unless you pay to boost. If you have something to share, do it in an email first and then send out to Facebook and the rest of social media with a link to your email. Oh! And don’t forget to put sign-ups on ALL your social media accounts. Keep the flow going towards building your email list at all times.

Basically, you must connect everything to anything that will lead to list building. You never know where search engine results will bring someone. They could land anywhere, including your shopping cart. Every chance you have to link them to more information and to join your email list is ultimately bringing you closer to them buying from you. Follow these simple rules:

  1. Your emails must have a link to your website and your shopping cart and a join my list link, too! You never know when it might get forwarded.
  2. Your website should have a link to your shopping cart and NUMEROUS places with obvious CTA’s to sign up for your emails.
  3. Your shopping cart should (if it’s a separate site) have a link to your website and if possible a link to join your email list.

Visitors to your site are investing time and giving your business consideration. Don’t let them wander away aimlessly. Direct the traffic you worked so hard to get. Keep your brand in front of them by getting their email addresses.

Helpful Links for Success

If you need a solid performing Email Program (and a little free set-up help from me) with award-winning free coaches who are just a phone call away, you want to use the “Free Trial” button below. 60 days, no contract, easy to use. It’s Constant Contact and if you are not really tech savvy (really savvy) it’s your best choice out there. It’s the easiest program out there.

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If you need a FREE Shopping Cart – just click on the “Free Shopping Cart” link to learn all about the best of the best. Well, actually it’s really just “the best” since no one else on the planet offers a totally free shopping cart website. It’s and you may already have a cart waiting for you to use! If not, pay close attention to the link in the article and get $1000 of free processing, too!

Free Shopping Cart

If you need a website, WordPress is what most will recommend and I love/hate it: this site is built with WordPress. It’s not easy. But, I also recommend Wix – especially for Artists or anyone who is not very good with computers. It’s really simple to build a gorgeous site. Just start with the “Personal” site (as little as $8.00 a month!) – it’s all you will need if you decide to use the Free Shopping Cart from

Or I can do it for you or help you with a few fixes: here’s some details

That’s it! Simple ways to grow your business! Share this please! And your comments are always welcome!

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