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New Rules! Email Gets Serious in EU and Beyond with GDPR (Part One)

This is part one of two posts on the subject of the new privacy and consent regulations coming on May 25th, 2018. Yes, you need to read this. Yes, even though the General Data Protection Regulations are being enacted in Europe, you might have someone from Europe land on your site and or join your email list and that means you are now in charge of their “data” and you must follow these new rules. It’s a small world afterall!

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Do You Have the Surprise Element?

Loyalty is a priceless commodity. One of the easiest ways to encourage loyalty is by creating the “Wow Factor”. And loyalty is paramount for being successful against the competition you are facing every day. In this article, I share my own experience with a company that went above and beyond. I also challenge you with five questions to spur your own ideas for creating a Wow Factor experience for your collectors.

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Follow-up is my word for 2018!

Follow-up is a noun. It’s a thing. It describes an action. It’s also a verb that loses the hyphen. We should all follow up on our prospects. We should follow up on our opportunities. We must follow up on our projects, marketing, advertising, and keep moving forward in our businesses. Follow-up is a key to success. And usually, we can’t delegate our key projects to someone else so… what will it take? Here’s some encouragement!

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360 Excuses for Sending an Email

Surely most of the world celebrates the New Year – even if it’s not on January 1st. In the US, we celebrate a dozen or so Federal Holidays and then there are occasions like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. But what about “Lost Sock Memorial Day”? And surely you want to celebrate “Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day”? This is just two of over 360 whacky holidays in a list I am sharing for free! Curated for Maximum Fun!

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